Friday, September 10, 2004


Heh. Mowed the lawn. Um. I know I did something else...oh I went to Bekah's house for lunch. That was fun. Another hurricane a'comin. I'm frettin.
Michael Eisner

Good Article (I'm not sure if it will work you may have to register or sumthing, but it is a really good article.)

Oh and today I was turning from Sykes Creek Parkway onto SR520 East and I was behind this accord and it was going really slow through the turn (it's a left hand turn) and the light was about to change and i started honking because you're supposed to stay tight in a turn but this guy had like 4 car lengths between him and the car in front of him and i honked again because i knew i wouldn't make the light but I went anyway and so did the guy behind me, anyway as I passed him on 520 i realized that it was an old guy and i felt bad. :-( Oh well.