Friday, September 24, 2004


Well folks, looks like I'm reverting back to audioposts. I hate hurricanes. Farewell, all, I am moving to Italy. I don't think they have hurricanes there. Oh well. We were discussing that in English today though, there's really no where in the US that you can go without having the threat of some serious weather issue. Mike was like I want to move to Nebraska, and I said they have tornadoes there. He says fine, North Dakota. They got blizzards. Hrm. Oh well, what can ya do? Besides evacuate. Anyone who knows my mother may not know this, but she is relatively paranoid. Why? I have no idea. It is like chronic paranoia or something. IDK. But she's like ah hurricane. It's not like she has lived in Florida all her life and experience 10,000 storms. I don't know. And my dad, well he just doesn't want to end up like his brother and have to get a whole new house. I don't know it's pretty crappy right now. Um btw, I'll be gone tomorrow @ 4:00 (before the mandatory evac.) I'm like hey you guys know everyone is staying, right? Oh yeah well they're all gonna die (That would be you, Bekah, Jake, Gerry, and everyone else in MI, since we're the ONLY ONES EVACUATING.). I told them they could evacuate and I would stay here and they said no. Boohoo. Oh wizzle. Anyways, I'll be in Fort Myers 'till who knows when. I'll update from there.

P.S. Anyone in Volusia County: God have mercy on your souls. You people must have done something really bad to deserve this triple whammy.