Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oh Yeah, My Weekend.

OK, so here goes (*saves drafts every few mins...)

Friday: I get home and we board up windows and such, again...getting pretty tired of this. Anyway, they decide that we're leaving and yadda yadda ya. Go to bed at about 10, maybe 11. I forget.
Saturday: Wake up at effing 3:30 to leave by 4:00 (do we? of course not! anywizzle...) So dad is like do you want to drive and I'm like OK w/e (thank GOD for mountain dew. I'd die I swear it.) OK so drive for a while, and I'm like I'm tired you drive dad. So we stop at gas station and I go back to sit with Maddie poo. She takes up the whole seat. What a pig! So I trying to sleep and she keeps moving and my dad was driving off the road so mom is like you have to drive again and I'm like whoopie. grr. So I drive the rest of the way and we get to Andy & Nancy's at about...8:30 I think...maybe 9:00. They're doing yard work so what do I have to do? Yard work. Of Course. AJ can't figure out how to get the lawn mower working, so I fix it and now I am the lawn master or some such junk. Oh wizzle. So we go do more yard work, etc. Then we go to lunch at one of the best restaurants ever. Uncle Andy always talks about this place but I'd never been there before. It's called Skyline Chili and it is so great. I mean where else do you find a chili restaurant??? It's awesome! So we got some skyline and then Andy, AJ, Dad, and I went to the Southwest Florida Council building for a camp show or something. SWFL doesn't have their own camp that is usable, so every year, reps from all of these camps all over the southeast come and try to sell their camp program, etc. And I'm wandering around, and guess who's there? Matt Ragan, the director of the camp that I work at…how weird is that? So we talked for a while. Then we saw the guy that played that effing cup game with the troop at Rainey Mountain. OMFG that was annoying. Yeah. Then we went home, had dinner, and the "big people" went out to some club with Uncle Stewart and Aunt Debbie. So I was there with Abby and AJ and we watched Spongebob and I tried to fix the internet to no avail. Oh well. Um, yeah they were out really late bc I was sleeping when they got home. I left the tv on whoops.
Sunday (Hurricane Day): Went to church. The power went out, but then came back on (generator?) idk. On the way back Abby and I went into Dunkin' Donuts. Who gets donuts during a hurricane (besides my family of course?) Obviously a lot of peeps. It was b-u-z-z-y busy! Then went home and dad called peeps in MI and they said power was out L) Hrm. It rained a lot. At about 11:00, Dad, Abby, AJ and I all go to this place called Spectators. It was cool, each booth had their own tv. It was like a sports bar thing. But it was neat. When we got there, Jenni, Erin (cousins), Katy, Jessica (Jen's daughter) and Carolyn (Erin's daughter) were already there. Jenni and Erin were getting ready to watch the race because they are big race fans. Erin's driver crashed pretty early. Poor Kenseth. Newman won. So a while after that or sometime in there, Mom, Nancy, and Andy showed up. Andy, after eating, decided that he needed a nap, so Nancy took him home, put on her broncos shirt, and came back for the broncos game. Boy was that fun. They beat SD by 10!! It was a lot of fun. Stewart came with Joe, Sarah, Melissa, and Mike. Oh man it was so fun though, you have no idea. Bucs lost to raiders. Stupid bucs.
Monday: Return home, no broken canoes this time, just a car very deep in water. Yard very flooded. Pool outlet pipe broken, pool leaked more water into the yard. Oh wizzle. Oh yeah, get home at about noon & ½ and we have no power, no phone, and no cable !!! AAAHHHH! Oh at about 4 I go outside to look at generator and we have this daytime-running light outside it's on this big light pole and there is a flag pole on it. I had been wondering if we had left our flag up and I look up and I'm like Oh no flag. Hm, the light's on. So I walked away and then I stopped and I was like "wait. The light's on!" and I told dad. He goes up to the door and rings the doorbell and mom goes "As if I didn't hear you on the porch!" and I was like mom. We have power. And She drops the newspaper and says WHAT!!!? It was so funny. Dad was like doesn't the doorbell ringing have any significance to you? She says "You mean like that there's someone at the door?" and I said "or that we have power?" she says "oh yeah that too." Heh. Fun stuff. Anyway, checked cable, got that too, and phones soon after. Grandma called and was all surprised that I was OK. She's a funny lady.
And that is my weekend in prose. What is prose? Yeah it's prose alright. And in summary too. MK Later.
I'm out.