Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Heh heh heh...well...

(Beware: This is a rather long post since I haven't posted in a while...)
OK, so let me start with last night. Had a meeting, finally convinced Paxton that he has to go this weekend, and convinced everyone to eat at OA Grill. Chuck: "Is the food at OA Grill good?"
Me: "Well yeah, it's really good."
Chuck: "How do you know?"
Me: "Because I make it."
Chuck: "Oh!"
Chris: "And soon I will too!"
Me: *Laughs*
Chris: Shut up Danny!
lol, Chris Chris Chris...
Um debate was interesting. Oh and I'm the first man & dir. of homeland security ;-) oh yeah! Edwards is a pee pee head.

DaNAdo 1 1 88: what a pee pee head
bkh bee 07: i hear him
bkh bee 07: HA i haven't heard that since like kindergarten, or even preschool
DaNAdo 1 1 88: lol well now you have
DaNAdo 1 1 88: shows my maturaty level
bkh bee 07: lol
bkh bee 07: so true
DaNAdo 1 1 88: but i speak my mind! if i think he is a pee pee head, i'm not going to sit there and say "wow, john edwards sure is a nice guy." psh. no, i'm going to say "john edwards is a pee pee head."

Oh and he can pee in a pringles can (right sam? lol)
ah, gotta love Conservatives.

Hrm. Wednesday...
Had to drive the Toyota to the bus stop b/c mommy's car needs new CV joints so she took mine. Anyway, I thought it was about to die when I got to Edgewood (I made it) but I was like I better call when I get out of school. (Let me do this in sequential order, so I'll move on to the rest of the day...)
Um had to go to cafe b/c FCATters were taking retakes. Grr. Cafeteria sucks. It rained pretty much all day. Oh well. Um Spanish yeah, 'sok. Econ was fun as always. The thought this guy was about to jump off the roof of the gym lol. And he made Hafdis bring in donuts on friday. lol. Hrm. Precal sucks. We have a test tomorrow (i'sa gonna faiL!)...em. lunch was great. Jen kept hitting an apple on the table and made applesauce. Then she goes "Why is that girl so white? She's like a ghost!" That was fun. English test was actually OK (i didn't read...) and Anatomy, Mrs. Jenkins was all like "you're taking the PSAT, right Daniel?" "um, yeah?" "ok, because you know you're on their hitlist..." "oh yeah." w/e. Fun class today b/c she told stories. So neways, get on the bus and call dad because i didn't know if the toyota would make it home. I said to him "I drove the Toyota to the bus today" among other things that he didn't hear and now he's like bitching at me for not doing this or not saying this or not hearing this. WTF, I didn't hear him ask me to call him, he didn't hear me say that i drove it to Edgewood, which I KNOW I SAID. But nooo, he's always right, and if he didn't hear it, it wasn't said. B/c you know we have Sprint PCS, which never has breaks in the calls or anything. Yeah we have Cingular, and they're not perfect, just like him. Idk. I hope he'll get over it. I'm thinking that him grounding me from driving to school is just his way of saving gas money. It's such shit. Honestly. Tonight he's all like "Well you have to drive tomorrow, but we'll rethink it after that because you were whining about it again." i didn't say squat about the fact that I had to take the toyota. Boy did I want to, but I kept my mouth shut because I knew this exact thing would happen. and what do i get? Sh*t from him anyway. I'm pretty tired of his antics lately. I don't know what's gotten into him. I'm thinking about ignoring the arrow that is over his head at callout.
Well that was my last 24 hours in summary. I'm outie.