Thursday, November 11, 2004

Haha Funny Stuff

Buck's World Political Holiday
- Republican parents have no problem buying their kids toy guns.
- Democrats refuse to do so. That is why their kids pretend to shoot each
other with dolls.

- Democrats: favorite Christmas movie is "Miracle on 34th Street."
- Republicans: favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life."
- Right-Wing Republicans: favorite Christmas movie is "Diehard".

- Republicans always take the price tag off any expensive gifts they buy
before wrapping.
- Democrats also remove price tags off pricey gifts... and reposition
them them to make sure they are seen.

- Republicans see nothing wrong with letting their children play
"Cowboys and Indians."
- Democrats don't either, as long as the Indians get to win.

Buck's World Advice for Men

Dearest love, in the event of your untimely demise, life would cease to have meaning for me and I would perforce hurl myself under the front tires of the first Domino's Pizza truck that came my way

"Dear," said the wife. "What would you do if I died?"

"Why, dear, I would be extremely upset," said the husband. "Why do you ask such a question?"

"Would you remarry?" persevered the wife.

"No, of course not, dear" said the husband.

"Don't you like being married?" said the wife.

"Of course I do, dear" he said.

"Then why wouldn't you remarry?"

"Alright," said the husband, "I'd remarry."

"You would?" said the wife, looking vaguely hurt.

"Yes" said the husband.

"Would you sleep with her in our bed?" said the wife after a long pause.

"Well yes, I suppose I would." replied the husband.

"I see," said the wife indignantly. "And would you let her wear my old clothes?

"I suppose, if she wanted to" said the husband.

"Really," said the wife icily. "And would you take down the pictures of me and replace them with pictures of her?"

"Yes. I think that would be the correct thing to do."

"Is that so?" said the wife, leaping to her feet. "And I suppose you'd let her play with my golf clubs, too."

"Of course not, dear," said the husband. "She's left-handed..."