Saturday, November 27, 2004

Heh. interesting weekend.

OK, well I guess I'll start with Thursday...
Got up real early to avoid traffic, which we did. Hrm. Went to WalMart in MI before we left which was actually not bad. We drove by a few WalMarts in Fort Myers and felt bad for the people there. Oh well. Losers. So my dad calls his brother Stewart to see if we can drop off his generator which we've been borrowing since the hurricane, and he doesn't pick up so we figure they're just out and will be back soon (I forgot that they had gone to Orlando for vacation and would be back at noon) so we sat there for a while and my dad called Grandma who was like "They're in Orlando, John..." and he got mad at me for not telling him. Whoops. Hm, so we went to Nancy & Andy's and helped set up and whatever. Then everyone came. 32 people. 32 freaking people. It was fun though. Hm. They all leave except Cathy and Mike, so we all watched Spiderman. Then I slept. Oh and happy 8th Birthday, Carolyn (but we didn't celebrate it this day...)
Um nothing much in the morning, but then we went to Manatee Park...where there were supposed to be manatees. Imagine that. But, the manatees definitely weren't all up in my grill. Erin, Sarah, Cathy(cousins) and I were making fun of the manatees because the sign said "Do not harass manatees". We shouted insults at them even though we couldn't see them. We knew they were under the dock trying to kill themselves because of what we were saying. lol. Melissa (cousin) and I were going to stand in a parking space while Erin or Nancy was trying to park and tell them that we were reserving the spot for a manatee and have Cathy come up. HAHA. I love you Cathy... You wouldn't believe these people. A whole family of peeps wearing Disney World apparel, and it was like this was Stop #2 of their Florida Tour. How rediculous. Then we came back and ate um cobbler around a fire in Nancy and Andy's yard. That was fun too.
Nothing much. OH I saw the Spongebob movie. HORRIBLE. Do not see. Sheesh. However, had someone told me that it was bad, I would have seen it anyway, but LORD was it bad. Came home. Typed on the computer. Will sleep soon.

Oh and BTW, I was listening to 50 Cent (Don't ask please.) and it reminded me of how one day on the bus we counted how many questions there actually were in the song 21 Questions. It's 21 in case you were wondering (go figure).

Also, I know I always say this and never do it, but if I get a chance, I'll tell a very inspiring serious story about one of my cousins. Not like they overcame cancer or anything, but still inspiring.
I'm out.