Sunday, November 21, 2004


Haven't posted in a while. Been kinda busy I guess. Anyway, update: Friday I went to USF, it was really cool, but I don't have any other college to compare it to yet, so I'm not sure. My parents are talking about buying a house to rent to me and some of my friends in Tampa. That would be pretty cool. But they still want me to live on campus for the first year, which is OK. Hm. Oh two turn-offs about USF:
1. On our tour, there was this huge (and I mean huge) girl who I think was a junior sitting a couple of rows in front of us, and she leaned forward and she was wearing a thong. It was absolutely disgusting. My mom gagged. That was funny. That girl and her retarded friend kept talking about how they were going to do early admissions at USF blah blah blah (as if anyone cared) and my parents were like "We don't want you to start here next year." Gee, Mom, why not?
2. Walking through the Student Services patio they had all of these pictures and biographies of, yeah, transgender students. It was like transgender remembrance day or some shit. Sick.
Oh wait. Three things.
3. I was walking on the dorm tour and I saw all of these Kerry-Edwards signs in the windows and kind of scoffed, then looked up and realized that it was Castor Hall (yes, the infamous Betty Castor who was running for senate (thank GOD she lost) used to be the president of USF and naturally, had a dorm named after her...) but I saw Bush signs in another building, so I was OK. Doesn't really matter because HE WON!
Yeah, It was good though. Oh and I learned I don't like Boston Market. Ew.
Hm. That's Friday. I may post about Saturday later. I doesn't feel like it right now, after drinking all of that 'nonpotable' water.
I'm out.