Friday, November 12, 2004


Don't answer this, but do I look like someone who uses cigarettes? Because the other night we went to Dairy Queen after class and a guy asked me for a light. I said i didn't smoke and he muttered something about "F**king idiots don't smoke cigarettes." Then, tonight as we were driving to the fair, a guy in the next lane over yells "Gimme a joint, dude!" to me. Anyway, fair was fun. As Riopelle says, "It only comes once per year." So yeah, we're deciding "oh it's about 9:30 i have to go" so we're leaving and crap and it's about 9:37 we're at the intersection of I-95 and 520 and I say "oh man, I'm not gonna make it home before 10" so I called dad and he's like "oh, no problem" thinking i'd be about 20 minutes late. I get home at 10:02 and dad says "wow! that was fast. did you take Bekah home?" i said "naw, i decided she could sleep in the truck tonight". lol it was funny. Oh I may write about economics today someday but not right now. It was fun, I'll just say that.