Sunday, December 19, 2004

Friday - Sunday

School...2nd period spent studying for english exam. taken from sparknotes, holy fricking crap. that is so dumb.
um more stuff u know i guess um english exam. yadda yadda... oh homeroom with that video. that was funny
then the fun stuff. went to best buy after school because nic had to go home before andretti. then we sat in the mall parking lot for a while. and the dumbasses did burnouts. wow i was impressed. lol. then to andretti where we rode the go carts at least 12 times. the guy was following us around as "our personal tour guide" because there was nobody else in the park. and laser tag, with two rednecks and tyler versus me and three girls. i mean me and nic and the girls. haha j/k nic. nic and krystal left to go to nics sisters party. then jason left to go to a different party. he gave me whiplash because i was sitting in the back of the truck. lol then mike tyler bekah and i went to checkers, then decided we wanted to go to steak and shake. so we went there, ate. then came home.
Car wash. made money. whoot.
put the tree inside. fun.
lost the end piece to my toneau for my truck. i'm sad :-( oh well maybe i get new cover for christmas