Monday, January 03, 2005

Mothers and Shinedown

_I'm being economically efficient tonight by combining two posts into one. ;-) _
Mothers are odd. At least mine is. She whines at me for literally weeks to clean my room. I finally do, and there's a box of trash sitting in the garage, she sees it and decides to go through it. She takes it all out and puts it on my bed. I walk in and there is all this stuff that I threw out on my bed. I walked up to her and said "You have just lost all rights to complain when my room is a mess. Gone. Vanished." and she just sighs at me.
Pt. 2:
Shinedown. I must have the Shinedown CD. I will purchase it with funds. I love it. Shinedown = love as Sami would say. I might change it to Shinedown=god if I were an athiest, which I'm not. Maybe Shinedown=myfavoriteband or Shinedown=kings_of_rock. Yes. Shinedown=kings_of_rock. I like it...