Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sigh...I love Wednesdays.

Well, today I had to pay $12.20 for writing in a book that I wasn't told not to write in, I met the new assistant principal (not as bad as it sounds), and I got the whole BCC class in trouble.
Yeah, well the easy ones first: Book for biology, it's a lab book, 240 pages, and apparently we were supposed to copy all 240 pages and write on the copies. Christ. So stupid.
AP: Mrs. Thomasson made me talk to Mr. Dedman. He seems OK.
and BCC: In anatomy, guidance calls to tell me to go down at the end of class, so I did and they wanted to know why I had been skipping 2nd period. Ummm...I don't have a 2nd period? (OK, so I had a suspicion that Mrs. Lovell hadn't taken me out of sociology, but w/e.) So apparently nobody's supposed to be in the library for 2nd period, we're all supposed to be "interning" which I think means TAs and whatever. So dumb. I wouldn't be here for 2nd period if I didn't think that my spot would get taken by the time I got there. Anyway, I'm not sure if they're going to do anything or not, but I think that they just want a list from Mrs. Thomasson to tell them where we are. Still, someone is a moron.

(your face is a moron.)