Thursday, January 27, 2005


I HATE US-1. I nearly died coming home today. Dan was just going along, minding my own business, when I see a line of cars in front of me with their brakes on (left lane). Dan, being the careful driver that he is, decides that he should change to the right lane, where people aren't stepping on their brakes. BUT! First, he checks his mirror and over his shoulder. Then, Dan changes lanes. When he is about even with the last car that is braking, a green Honda Civic (damn hondas) about four cars in front of the last car, pulls out in front of Dan, who is going about 50 mph. DAMN HONDAS! So yeah, I slammed on the breaks because it wasn't moving, the car skidded a little, then recovered, but the honda still wasn't moving, and my truck wasn't stopping. Then, just as I close my eyes to brace for the impact, the truck stops, I open my eyes and see that I have about two feet between my bumper and that damn honda. THEN it starts moving. I hate hondas. I hate US-1. I love A1A. I'm taking it all the time now.