Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Jake H 15 15 returned at 6:25:06 PM.
Jake H 15 15: what's the capital of tallahasee?
^ Yeah, i need to explain that.
In anatomy when i was giving a presentation on anatomy, and i was trying to explain a certain type of memory (declarative, it's like just memorizing a fact) so anyway i was giving an example and i said "it's like 'what's the capitol of talahassee? Florida.' " and it took everyone a few seconds then they caught it like right as i did and i hit my forehead and they started laughing. :-S oh well they got a kick out of it and i still got a 100 on my presentation. Bob only got a 97 because he couldn't say "electroencephylagram" i mean that's like the easiest word ever.