Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ahhh the weekend :)

Well, here goes.
Friday: school...dinner with bekah, nic, mike, bob, and jen. (interjection: my mom keeps telling the dog to eat her dinner again and it is making me think of napoleon) and then senior follies, which was hilarious. they had melia in the golf cart. oh it was perfect. and ms. heussner. LMFAO. dancing to franz ferdinand (it was her in college.) lmfao. oh jeez.
Saturday: SAT muy early. it was the new one and I LOVED IT. it was so much easier than the old one. the sections were all shorter and i liked that because I get ADD after trying to read 10 passages in 40 minutes. this time it was like a passage, then do some math! then grammar! then another passage. it was so great.
and the essay was muy facil. like majority rule garbage? muy facil.
then sailing! we went to leewenner and sailed for like two hours and watched a regatta.
but before we went sailing, we go to burger king, so matt and i could eat. jacob decides as we're about to leave, after standing there for 20 mins, that he needs to go to the bathroom. so we go outside and stand for a while. a bum comes up and asks me and matt for some beer money. hey at least he was honest. we told him no.
Sunday: slave labor to pay for my speeding ticket. hahaha.