Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Like driving a refridgerator

HA! So in case you haven't heard yet, my dad's car got run into by a lawn mower (this time it was a professional instead of Katy though...) so anyway they have to get it fixed ($1200 worth of damage...on a $4500 car.) and they get him a Toyota Corolla to drive while the Miata is getting fixed. He describes driving the Corolla like "driving a refrigerator. It's just an appliance. It gets you from point A to point B." lol I didn't think it could be that bad but yeah it really is. At least this corolla is. No power stuff. It's kinda boring. It's white, you know, nothing special? haha mad tv. anyway. then we went to look at cars for mommy. We found a passat wagon, which isn't very exciting except for the fact that it has v-6 and 4motion.
well i'm done procrastinating and i'm about to go take my midterm. aye.